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Todayís lingerie is more than just panties and bras. If you arenít that familiar with the different styles available in lingerie, hereís a quick guide to help you navigate your way through the lingerie shop to find mostly bikini lingerie.

Years ago, thongs were only for strippers- male strippers and female strippers. If anyone else wore them, no one knew about it.

It wasn't out of some false sense of modesty that most people didn't talk about their underwear; it simply never came up in conversation.

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After all, underwear was pretty basic and fairly plain back in the day. White, beige, and off-white were the staple colors of the unmentionables that people bought on the sly when no one was looking.
Black lingerie wasn't as popular and wasn't as common, perhaps because black was seen as a sexier color even back then and sex was also something that no one talked about back in the day.

Ebony girl in White embroidered lingerie

Ebony girl in White embroidered lingerie

Ebony girl in black bikini lingerie

Ebony girl in black bikini lingerie

A negligee is a loose, sheer gown normally accompanied with panties and a matching sheer robe. Very nice for that special night with your sweetie.

A teddy is a one-piece bodysuit.

Tap pants are soft, very short versions of boxer shorts.And, of course, there is the thong.

The thong provides frontal coverage with a thin strap in the back. Thongs are perfect when you donít want any panty lines.

In fact, underwear wasn't only under the clothing that people wore, but also it was under wraps.
Women would hang the laundry out on washday, typically a Monday, but somehow the undergarments never made an appearance in the light of day.
Everyone knew that everyone wore underwear, but no one knew exactly what it was that they were wearing.

Are thongs really made for the purpose of making sure that no panty lines show? Are they the clever invention of someone who decided that slacks look better without the telltale wrinkle of panty lines? Or are they really designed for the simple purpose of being erotic and eye catching?

Let's think about it though for a minute? When did you first become aware of the thong? Did you see one on a stripper? Did you perhaps see someone wearing one in a magazine? It doesn't actually matter where you got your first glimpse of a thong. The truth of the matter is that strippers have been wearing them for decades and it isn't to hide unsightly panty lines.
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Bikini, G-Strings or Thongs?

Ebony beauty in Black G-string lingerie

Ebony beauty in Black G-string lingerie The g-string is an undergarment that gets strong positive or negative reviews, but never just a shrug.

The first thing to understand about the g-string is it is worn by both men and women. Western media tends to highlight the lingerie aspects of women over men, so many men do not realize that saying they "like g-strings" can sometimes infer that they actually like wearing them!

The g-string has traveled a long way through time as a fashion garment. The odd thing about this form of lingerie panty is it has been with us a very long time.

A form of the g-string was man's first piece of clothing. Research has found the first clothing originated in sub-Sahara Africa roughly 75,000 years ago and, you guessed it, a variation of the g-string was found to be the undergarment of choice.

The loin cloth, after all, is nothing more than a g-string with a bit of extra material around it. As mankind advanced, g-strings disappeared from the scene, but have made a huge comeback in the last thirty years or so.

Some women love to wear them while others find them very uncomfortable. A vast majority of men seem to find them irresistible, which might say something deep and scholarly since they probably originated from the Stone Age. These days, g-strings always get a reaction.

The modern G-string blurs the lines of panty fashion. Being referred to as lingerie in this article, but they can be viewed as a simple panty.

They can also be used as the bottoms of a bikini bathing suit. Many refer to them as "thongs" as well, but this is not entirely accurate.

Ebony beauty in G-string lingerie

ebony beauty in G-string lingerie
A g-string is actually a type of thong, but most people just use the terms interchangeably.

They are considered highly seductive and perfect for evenings when you want to look your best.

The advantages of wearing g-strings are clearly defined. They are also favored because they leave no panty line since the rear area is simply a string of sorts.

This combination has made the g-string one of the strongest selling undergarments of this decade.

There are, of course, disadvantages as well. One simply has to do with comfort. Many women find the sensation of the g-string too uncomfortable. On a more objective level, the close fit of the garment has also raised some health warnings related to infections.

Many gynecologists now recommend g-strings not be worn for more than six to eight hours and that they be washed frequently.

Some women love them and some do not. It is purely a matter of choice.

There are some Online lingerie stores such as Hips and Curves Lingerie where you will find the Bikini, G-string or Thong that will fit you well with comfort and pleasure.

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