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Today’s lingerie is more than just panties and bras. If you aren’t that familiar with the different styles available in lingerie, in this Lingerie, Underwear site you´ll find Online store sites with a quick guide to help you navigate your way through the lingerie shops to find mostly bikini lingerie.

Years ago, thongs were only for strippers- male strippers and female strippers.

If anyone else wore them, no one knew about it. It wasn't out of some false sense of modesty that most people didn't talk about their underwear; it simply never came up in conversation.

After all, underwear was pretty basic and fairly plain back in the day.
White, beige, and off-white were the staple colors of the unmentionables that people bought on the sly when no one was looking.

Black lingerie wasn't as popular and wasn't as common, perhaps because black was seen as a sexier color even back then and sex was also something that no one talked about back in the day.
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The thong provides frontal coverage with a thin strap in the back. Thongs are perfect when you don’t want any panty lines.

In fact, underwear wasn't only under the clothing that people wore, but also it was under wraps.
Women would hang the laundry out on washday, typically a Monday, office working women does it nowadays during saturdays or sundays, but somehow the undergarments never made an appearance in the light of day.

Everyone knew that everyone wore underwear, but no one knew exactly what it was that they were wearing.

A negligee is a loose, sheer gown normally accompanied with panties and a matching sheer robe. Very nice for that special night with your sweetie.
A teddy is a one-piece bodysuit.

Are thongs really made for the purpose of making sure that no panty lines show? Are they the clever invention of someone who decided that slacks look better without the telltale wrinkle of panty lines? Or are they really designed for the simple purpose of being erotic and eye catching?

Bikini with thong bottom in green colors

green Bikini with thong bottom

Let's think about it though for a minute?

When did you first become aware of the thong?

Did you see one on a stripper?
Did you perhaps see someone wearing one in a magazine?

It doesn't actually matter where you got your first glimpse of a thong.

The truth of the matter is that strippers have been wearing them for decades and it isn't to hide unsightly panty lines.
Bra panties set
Tap pants are soft, very short versions of boxer shorts.And, of course, there is the thong.

Sexy Lingerie Items You Must Own!

1. A corset
makes the list as it is versatile, sexy and can be worn in the bedroom, to the clubs, even to a formal event depending on how you dress it up or down.

2. Matching bra and panty set:
Every woman needs at least one matching set of a sexy bra and matching panty.

These matching bra and panty sets are widely available so about all you need to do is choose your favorite color and the type of panty you want to wear.

Since your choices are either thongs, g-strings or bikini panty you may want to choose one, two or possibly all three styles depending on your mood.

3. Sexy Baby doll:
These lingerie garments originated in the fifties and like a lot of the lingerie of that era baby dolls are both sexy and naughty with a certain innocence thrown in.

Baby dolls often expose your tummy and are available in sheer, lace and even satin fabrics.

4. Sexy Stockings:
Stockings, not pantyhose are the number 4 choice for lingerie items you must own.

Don't ignore your legs when it comes to sexing up your wardrobe and stockings will do the job.

Sexy stockings come in a variety of colors as well as in fishnet, fence net, diamond net, sheer and many other varieties.

5. Sexy Panties:
No list of sexy lingerie items can ignore the most popular sexy lingerie item of all time.

Sexy panties is a huge category along the lines of number 2 and the selection will match your personal taste and style.

There is no unsexy panties although granny panties do come very close.

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